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Moon and Ocean Pearl Love Story

Moon and Ocean Pearl Love Story

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Pearls Symbolize the Moon and Water

Do you have a loved one who feels an affinity toward the moon or water? You may want to consider giving that person the gift of pearls. Unsurprisingly, pearls are often associated with the moon due to their milky color, and in ancient Vedic texts, pearls are considered the daughter of the moon. In addition, the moon controls the oceans, where pearls are formed. As a result, pearls are also connected to water, and some believe that pearls are actually tears shed by gods. Some associate pearls with Venus, the goddess of love, who was also born from the sea.

Which of these stories is your favorite? Do you know about other myths and meanings that we haven’t mentioned?


✦ 925. Sterling Silver with 14k Gold Vermeil.
✦ Handmade in the U.S.A.
✦ Comes in a beautiful package ready for gift-giving♥

► Nickel Free ✔
► Tarnish Resistant ✔
► No Allergic reaction ✔
► Accept replacements and custom orders ✔

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Each piece of our jewelry is made with so much love and care by a team of skillful ladies who have been doing jewelry for many years. All of the materials we used are purchased from USA vendors. We then hand make each piece one at a time to make sure it is customized to what you want and perfect for you.