Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

Meet The Jewelry Designer

Hi, I'm Juliana, the owner and designer of VicStoneNYC Fine Jewelry.

My majors were jewelry (making jewelry, gemology, design), pottery, and textile. I've been working in the jewelry industry over 10 years. When I create customized jewelry, first I do the 3D rendering and I pick real gemstones and diamonds. I can pick beautiful and natural stones for your new jewelry. If you have any questions about any customizations, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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I want to make a purchase on some of your products,I don’t place orders online can I email my order needed then you can give me a quote here and make charges to my cards.

-Can you ship to Bolivia?
-Do you accept a credit card?
-What is the delivery time?

Please Clarify. Looking forward to your swift response then we can proceed further as soon a possible

David Smith

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